Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Microwave mishap

Ok so my second attempt at microwave dyeing didn't go so well and I blew up the microwave!

The picture shows what is left of the fabric and the supposedly microwave proof container that I was using, ooops. Not sure what went wrong. I was trying to dye a piece for the FGM february challenge. The first piece came out too dark for what I wanted so thought I'd have another go and this is the result, definately not the pinks and purples that I was expecting, sigh!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Angela! So sorry to hear of the microwaves demise :o( Can you see the virgin Mary in that mess?
Perhaps you can sell it on ebay ;o) Mama Cat

Angela said...

All I can see is a big pile of melted plastic and burnt fabric, but I think I'll go with Mama Cat and try my luck on ebay!