Thursday, August 08, 2013


This is the first of what will be many 'catch up on this years happenings' posts. I haven't had much blogging time so I'm way behind posting about all of the adventures we've been having this year.

So first off we're travelling back in time to April.  James' parents came and stayed with us for a few days and we did lots of sight seeing all around the local area.  Our first day out was to the beautiful town of Wells in Somerset.

What a beautiful day we had.

Tea and cake
Family portrait with the magnificent cathedral as backdrop (check out the blue sky, great weather for the time of year)
Exploring the beautiful architecture inside the cathedral

James' and I at the entrance to our home (we wish)
View from beside the Bishop's Palace
Finishing off a fabulous day with some refreshing fruit tea
(I think I'm really going to enjoy these catch up posts, remembering wonderful happy moments while looking through the photos again)

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