Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Who doesn't love a good bargain?

In recent months I've become ever so addicted to second hand shopping. Thrifting, I think our lovely American cousins like to call it and I think that is a pretty cute term for it. It's actually becoming a bit of an obsession, so I'm sure there will be more thrifting posts to come.

Of a weekend you can mostly find me out hunting around the second hand and charity shops in the local area. I've been finding some real treasures recently which is helping as I try and kit my new flat out on a very small budget. It's amazing what you can find and a lot of things are brand spanking new. It's nice to pick up a few treats here and there and know you're not breaking the bank

I thought I'd share with you a little snapshot of last weekend's haul.

A bag, a cute little vintage crochet book, a brand new chopping board for the kitchen labels still on, a set of good quality salad servers, from Habitat originally again brand new and with the label on, a suede effect photo frame originally from Next (I've been collecting quite a few photo frames recently so I might just do a little post dedicate to those soon) and a cute little wooden organiser/display box.

All of these lovely things cost me the princely sum of £10. Amazing! They make me and my bank balance very happy :)

Have you found any bargains recently?


Quilting By Celia said...

I do the same here in Australia, (op-shopping) and buy mostly clothing and glassware..but there is anything you could possibly want

Kate North said...

I adore charity shops myself, for the same reasons... Jumble sales can also be good, but there is more junk to sort through and most things aren't new. They are usually very cheap though. Great for kids clothes, especially when they are little and just get them muddy and torn all the time. A good wash or two to get out all the grub (most of it from being tipped on the floor at the jumble sale itself) and hey presto...

Unknown said...

I LOVE all the different names we have for Thrift shopping we have in our corners of the world. I'm going to have to start a dictionary for us ;) You did a lot of good finds! I post about mine almost every week. You'll have your new place in fab shape in no time! The blanket was lovely - it's new owner should feel loved to have a handmade item like that!