Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter weekend you guys!

Here in the UK we have a nice long weekend off work, so no work for me now until Tuesday. Happy Days.  I don't have any particular plans, after another terrible week at work I think I'm going to be mooching around the flat reading and stitching and generally having a nice chilled out time.
Do you like my little knitted Easter chicks?  You might remember I mentioned back here that I'd picked up the knitting needles again.  These guys came together so quickly and I just smiled all the way through knitting them up.  I was going to provide you with a link as they were a free pattern on the Deramores website but they seem to have taken the link down, or at least I couldn't find it :(  If you are a knit or crochet fan though I would recommend their facebook page as they have links to lots of cool free patterns of all kinds.
Did you notice the lovely chocolatey goodness in the photos too?  This is my bit of Easter fun for James.  I decide that a chocolate egg in a box was just a bit too boring, so I picked up a really cheap glass dish at one of the charity shops, you know the kind you use to put nibbles in, they have lots of different compartments.  I then raided the Lindt shop at the local outlet village and filled up the dish with eggs, chicks, rabbits and carrots all of the chocolate kind.  I hope he likes it!
Before I go I'm just going to share with you a picture of my absolute favourite thrift shop find, my dresser.  You might have noticed glimpses of it in recent photos here.  This was the first piece of furniture I bought after getting the keys to my flat.  James thinks I'm crazy .... I still don't have a proper bed, washing machine, table ..... the list goes on, but I'm so in love with this piece that I don't care if there are more practical things I should have bought first.

I paid £80 for this at a local charity shop.  It's in amazing condition.  My original plan was to paint it, but this colour has really grown on me and when I decorate the living room it will be quite light colours so I think a bit of dark wood in the corner will look really nice.  I guess I'll make my final decision when the decorating is done.


Anonymous said...

Those easter chicks are A-Dorable!!

Vicki W said...

The chicks are so cute and the furniture is a fabulous find!

Kate North said...

I can see why you like it - great bargain! I have a stash of Lindt goodies waiting to be distributed as well - and some American Easter stuff my mum brought with her, including the World Famous Marshmallow Peeps, I think :)

WendyCarole said...

love your chicks and covet your dresser :)

Jane Galley said...

That dresser is gorgeous. I don't blame you for getting it, you don't find them very often. And your chicks adorn it beautifully