Monday, March 25, 2013

What a contrary being am I

When I was a kid I spent a whole lot of my time wishing I could be a grown up. There seemed to be so many things that I couldn't do because I wasn't old enough, clever enough or didn't have my own money. Now I'm grown up I seem to be spending a lot of time hankering after my childhood. What a contrary being I am.

Take my kitchen for example ... I've spent the last few weeks collecting this set of soup bowls while browsing the local second hand stores.
We had a set of these when I was growing up and they immediately make me think of my childhood.  It took me a little while to collect the set, for some reason the onion soup and scotch broth bowls were everywhere but the others were more tricky to come by.  I'm thinking that maybe onion soup and scotch broth weren't so popular as the other soups, therefore got used less and avoided getting broken and chipped.

Now the soup bowls have been collected I'm going to be on the hunt for something else.  We had this fabulous and funky set of plates in our house when I was a kid.
So far I haven't been lucky enough to come across any.  An online search has helped me find out that this is a set by Washington pottery called 'beefeater'  I've seen a few on online auction sites but generally they are being listed at around £10 a plate which is just too steep for me at the moment.  I'll keep hanging on in there for now in the hope that I might come across a plate here and there ... we'll see.

The same company also made a set of fish themed plates 'aquarius' they're called so I might have to keep an eye out for those too.  Let's hope I get some luck and find some soon :)


Sarah said...

Aah I remember those soup bowls from my childhood. But never the plates, they are really cool (now I sound like my kids!)

SueH said...

I could have let you have a set of those bowls for nothing! ;-)

Kate North said...

Love the cow plates - I hope you can either find some in your travels or else work your way up to affording them at higher prices - they are great!

Jane said...

I've got four of those, lol. We had one each at home. Definitely brings back memories

Unknown said...

Those are pretty plates and bowls!!!!