Thursday, March 14, 2013

A room with a view and next on the hook

One of the things that made me fall in love with my flat when I was looking round for somewhere to live was that it had two lovely big windows in the main living room.
As I'm on the second floor I get to sit on my sofa and look out over the roofs of the lovely old building across the street.  The pictures above and below show the views from the two windows
One of the first jobs I did was put up some curtains.  It's not as though I'm especially over looked but as the evenings are still mainly dark and I need lights on when I'm at home I didn't really want people to be able to look up and see me wandering round the place :)
I've gone for curtains with a bit of green in as when I get the money together to decorate I want to stay mainly neutral with a hint of green in this room.  As you can see at the moment I've gone for floor to ceiling curtains but I might eventually take the curtains up as I have an idea of getting some small units made to fit in the space under the windows to house some of my books.

Why am I telling you about my windows you may well be asking?  Well a couple of weeks ago I picked up this cone of yarn for the fabulous price of £2 while I was out thrift shopping. 
At the time I didn't have anything in mind for it, but when I put the curtains up I had the idea of making some crochet tiebacks to keep them gathered and out the way in the day.  It occurred to me that this yarn might be the perfect match as it has some green running through it.

I'll need to do a bit of experimenting to see what works but hopefully I'll end up coming up with something useful.  Coincidentally since i had the idea two magazines have come out both featuring tieback projects so I might incorporate some of the ideas from those.  I'm sure I'll share some of the results from my hooky playtime here soon, so watch this space I guess.


Jane Galley said...

There is something nice about drawing the curtains on a cold evening. Enjoy making your tie backs, I shall look forward to seeing the results

girlunwinding said...

I love the colors in that yarn! it's going to be a nice splash of color with your curtains, just the thing to make them stand out.

Sue H said...

I covet that cone of yarn! ;-p