Sunday, March 13, 2011

Messing Around by the River

It's been a while since I had an out and about post. So here are a few snaps from a walk we had last weekend. (If you've been over to my C and G blog, you'll have seen a couple of snaps from this walk already).We went for a little wander which took us round the outskirts of a local village called Box. It's a walk that I've done before but last time it was a bit later in the year and there was plenty of lovely sunshine. This time it was fair but pretty chilly in the air.Dave decided to try and warm up by letting his inner child out and climbing some trees....... he also had to jump on this rope and have a swing. I had visions of having to drag a very wet and sorry for himself man out of the river, but thankfully he managed to hang on and keep dry!
We weren't the only ones messing around on the river that day. Mr and Mrs Duck came over to say hello but they didn't stay long the carried on splashing and quacking up river.It wasn't all messing around by the river though, we had to put in some hard work with and uphill climb and we got charged down by one big and angry horse who didn't seem to like the fact that the public footpath went through his field. The climbing effort was worth though for the lovely views back down and over the village.We were in fits of laughter trying to take a picture of us with the view in the background. We ended up with lots of shots of cropped heads and even some of the ground!! This was the best of a rather poor bunch. :-)

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Beth said...

Hi Angela,
Such great scenery. Such a nice couple. I will WRITE soon.
Fondly, Beth