Monday, December 29, 2008


Over the last week or so I have been working hard to complete the majority of my postcard swap commitments. Next year I will be cutting back on the number of swaps that I take part in. Although I still love this mini art form I think it's time for me to play around with some new things. I've no doubt postcards will still pop up from time to time though!
I had 5 cards to make for a 'Leaves swap' These first two I managed to 'recycle' from my pile of old cards.

This next one changed as I was making it. I found an article in one of my issues of Workshop on the Web by Pauline Parker entitled 'Scorched Autumn'. Pauline had made lots of wonderful leaves layered in sheer fabrics, machine stitched and then burned back with the heat gun.Well I managed to layering and stitching part (I used a white outline for the stitching as my original inspiration came after seeing a pile of frost coloured leaves on a recent walk). Unfortunately I just can't seem to find my heat gun anywhere at the moment for the burning part.
Never mind I like how the card turned out anyway.

Finally I made two cards in the same design. I used chain and stem stitch to make the simple outline of a leaf.
I do enjoy making individual cards rather than a whole set the same but it does take longer to put a set together in this way.


katelnorth said...

I like the layering and burning back idea (and I know where my heat gun is!) - I might have to try that...

I also am cutting back my PC commmittments - I have so many, and a lot of the swaps either don't really interest me, or duplicate things which have gone before.

I recognise your second leaf PC - can't remember the swap, but I definitely own one from that series, whatever it was! Mine is different, but similar.

Hope you had a nice Christmas!

Vicki W said...

I love the cards!

StegArt said...

The leaf is such a wonderful design element....all your cards are great!