Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas to me

One thing often leads to another as the saying goes.

In this case my hunt in the yarn box for the trimming to finish my Zebra cards led me to finding this kit which I remember buying in a sale in January.
Well you know how things go, one project interrupts another and I never did get round to making anything with the kit. When I found it again I thought now would be the perfect time to knit this up just in case I'm tempted by something else in next months sales, lol!

It was quick and easy and in less than a couple of hours I'd made myself a new scarf. It's tricky trying to get a photo of yourself!

Even Mark struggled with blur in the greyness of the days that seem to be the norm at the moment. Oh well I think you get the idea.
I enjoyed doing some knitting for a change and I just love the colours so I couldn't be happier with my Christmas present to myself :)
On another note my week off isn't turning out to be as pleasurable as I had hoped. One thing after another seems to be going wrong at home at the moment and no matter how hard I try to keep the smile on and in the Christmas mood I can't keep the blues away. Yesterday I had to have a plumber out as we had water dripping through the ceiling, that isn't good at anytime of the year but a couple of days before christmas ... could the timing be any worse?


Carol said...

Great scarf Angela,hope things are settling down now. wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a very productive new year

Vicki W said...

Beautiful scarf Angela! Merry Christmas!

StegArt said...

Now that's my kind of project...quick and easy! Looks great. Merry Christmas!