Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Days

Look the wanderer has returned.....She seems to be working just fine but I haven't had too much time to put her through her paces properly yet. I'm sure she will get a good workout soon though as I have a stack of postcards and quilt blocks ready to be finished.
Yesterday I spent a lovely day with the Great Western Embroiderers. The day was spent stitching on projects for our up coming exhibition.I'm starting to panic and wonder if I will ever get a piece done in time, I'm still finding it hard to narrow down my ideas but I made my very first stitches yesterday.
Hopefully I will be able to pick up the pace and get a finished piece ready by January.

I just want to say a special thanks to Sue who spent her stitching time sharing some wonderful inspirational photos from her trips to Morocco with me. Mark has wanted to go to Morocco for ages but I have been a bit hesitate, but speaking to Sue has gotten me all excited and I think we will be planning our trip in the not too distant future!


Vicki said...

Happy times are here again. I'm so glad your machine has finally come home. I guess you are going to have a busy weekend.

Happy Sewing!!!

Miss 376 said...

So pleased you havbeen reunited with your machine-happy days indeed

janet said...

Have you read 'Hideous kinky'? Loved the book but did not rate the film. It is set in Morrocco.