Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have decided that the perfect way to combat the whole grey days = no photos thing is to work like a demon on my stitching in the evenings and the photograph everything at the weekend when I get to experience some daylight! So for the foreseeable future the stuff on my blog will be 'what I did last week!'

I have managed to get slightly behind with a couple of my swap commitments due to the whole sewing machine drama, but it feels good to be starting to catch up.

Here is one of a set of 4 postcards that I made for an Angel themed swap at Artsnthemail.
I changed my idea for these cards several times before coming across the perfect rubber stamp image buried in my collection. If you visit often I'm sure you've noticed by now that I love my bright colours (grin) but I also enjoy working with white. I thought a mainly white card would be perfect for this heavenly theme. I really enjoyed making these.


Miss 376 said...

It must feel so good stitching again. I am sure you will catch up in no time

Imogen Montana said...

What a lovely angel piece...the whites really do look lovely. Also great progress on Siberian Gold. Enjoy it when you work on it :)