Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Siberian Gold - Part Three

It's time for a progress report on Siberian Gold, but first I would like to thank everyone who left me a comment on the last post suggesting the conversion chart, and especially to Sue who provided a link :) I hadn't even thought about this duh! Anyway I now have all the colours I need.
While I have been working on this this week it's really felt like I've made very little progress, but now that I can see the two pictures laid together I can see I've actually done ok.
Last week
And now.
The top picture was taken using a flash setting on the camera and the bottom without, doesn't it make a surprising difference to how the colours look?!
I think this illusion of slow progress is partly because of the way I work these larger pieces sticking to colours rather than small areas. For a few weeks it seems as though nothing is getting done and then all of a sudden everything comes together.


Quilt Pixie said...

the difference between the two pics really does show lots of progress.... I often find myself taking a lot of pics of the same thing with various flash settings and with various zooms and then sorting for the best one -- amazing how different they all look

Comtesse said...

I like this pattern a lot, and will look forward to see it finished. Keep up the good work.