Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Western Embroiderers at Steam

I haven't posted in a few days which is unusual for me lately, no particular reason other than I've been here there and everywhere and haven't had much time to get to the computer.
Today I spent a wonderful few hours helping out on the GWE stand at the Steam Museum's railway festival which took place this weekend. We had a mini exhibition of our CD case samplers as a forerunner for our main exhibition which will be held at Steam at the beginning of next year.
Here are our rails with all the CD cases hanging from them, a great display idea thought up by Maggie! It was difficult to get a great picture as there was lots going on in the background but you get an idea.
Here is a closer look at my white on white piece hanging amongst the others. This is the first time any of my work has gone on display anywhere so pretty exciting for me.
I can't speak for the Saturday showing but I know we had a great response at the show today. We were lucky enough to have a table in a great spot with plenty of passers by and there was lots of interest in our work. We had some people asking if the pieces were for sale and others who wanted to know if we had any kits available.
I had a blast and am really looking forward to getting stuck into making my piece for the main exhibition, I have the seeds of an idea but there will be plenty of work ahead to try and achieve it so I'll need to put in plenty of thought and effort in the coming weeks. Wish me luck!


Jane said...

Must be a lovely feeling having your work on display. Hope all goes well on the exhibition piece

Threadspider said...

Congrats on being exhibited! I'm sorry I had to miss it.