Sunday, September 07, 2008

GWE Samples Finished

I had myself a day at home yesterday working on all sorts of projects so will hopefully have lots to share in the coming weeks as everything progresses.

My one finish though was converting my GWE UFO samples ready to be displayed in CD cases. The Herringbone and chain stitch sampler was already just about the right size for a CD case. I was going to add some more to this and make the stitching more dense, but in the end I decided I quite liked it as it is. Ok it's nothing special, there is no design and the stitching isn't even all that good. But it was really my first go at totally free form stitching with no aim or plan, and so I thought it would be nice to leave it that way. It will hopefully serve as a measure of how much I improve when I get more time to explore stitching in this way.
The second piece which was the white on white with sorbello stitch was actually a little too big for a CD case so I trimmed it down ever so slightly. I've always liked how this one looked. A calico background built onto with some cheesecloth and then decorated with a few buttons, beads and pieces of lace. I knew that I didn't want to do anything more with this one.
The piece that has changed the most is the orange and pink background that I had started to build up when we were lucky enough to have a play session on the embellisher machines that some of the GWE members bought in. As I mentioned in my post yesterday I'm currently working on some 'goddess' postcards and have really been enjoying working with the theme so decided to make a CD piece in a similar style, hence a fire goddess was born. I took my ready make background needle felted some silk fibers at various points to add some different texture to the cheesecloth and organza already there, then added the applique and embellishments and went to town on the hand stitching.
It took quite a few hours to get this one done yesterday but I really enjoyed it so time well spent in my book!

My goddess postcards are almost done and I think I might be able to get them finished up before bed tonight so I'm off to hit the sewing machine!


j39jones said...

Angela, your work is fantastic!! We are so happy to welcome you "home" at Stitchers Heaven!!

Miss 376 said...

You certainly were busy yesterday. What a fantastic idea for displaying stitching. I like the white and white and the colours on the Goddess piece are fantastic

StegArt said...

Oh my, that fire goddess is just yelling to me. I love it! Love the colors!