Monday, September 24, 2007

Hats on location

A couple of posts ago I showed you a picture of me knitting in the great outdoors. I thought I ought to share with you a what I've been making. I think I told you about the Innocent Big Knit challenge. So for the past week I've been making the odd hat here and there. Rather than just share pictures I thought it would be fun to put Mark's photography skills to good use and take some of my hats 'on location'

Yesterday we went for a walk up Windmill Hill near Avebury and I took some hats with me. Sadly it was quite windy yesterday and as we managed to quickly empty the contents of the bottle it was difficult to find places out of the wind to get some good pictures but we managed a couple. Here is my hat of the day. Look out for more in the coming posts :)

Originally I had hoped to make and donate 30 hats, they only take about 30 mins to make from start to finish so a perfect in front of the TV project. So far I have made about 15, although I have a reasonable yarn stash, I have already made a hat with all the different types of yarn that I have and I don't really want to make too many duplicates as I think I will get quickly bored with that so I might just leave it at 15.

On a totally different note I just realised that I forgot to tell you all about my meeting with the wonderful Maggie Harris last week. I have been admiring Maggie's blog for sometime and asked her whether she knew of any groups that meet in the local area. Kindly she told me about the Swindon branch of the embroiders guild and I went to their meeting last Monday. It was such fun, all of the ladies there were so friendly and very welcoming and we had a lovely talk from Jenny Smart a local spinner and weaver. I had a great evening and hope they will let me become a permanent member of the group.

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Helen in the UK said...

Love your little hat - great feathery fringe!!