Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well as much as I had hoped I would keep on top of things this year I have managed to fall behind with a couple of swaps. It's not too much of a disaster at the moment and I am going to work hard over the coming week to make sure that things don't snowball.

Here are my first catch up cards. These are for a texture swap over at AFPC. Although I have been totally hopeless myself at keeping up with the TAST challenge. I have been keeping my beady little eye on what everyone else has been doing. Some of the work coming out of this challenge has been just amazing. Inspired by all the TAST work I decided to use some hand stitching for these texture cards, just some random straight stitching and some french knots using different threads and fibers. I'm pretty please with the way they have both turned out.For this purple one I starting out stitching over a 7 x 5 piece of fabric and pulled some of the stitches a little tight to creating some puckering in the background fabric to add to the texture of the card.
For this pink card I started out with four strips of fabric which I just layed straight ontop of my Timtex middle. I used the hand stitching to secure these pieces. I'm hoping that the edges of these fabrics will start to fray as they go through the mail again adding to the texture of the piece as it makes its journey

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