Monday, March 05, 2007

Christina's spirit doll

Ok as promised here is some of the bead work that I have been doing for one of the round robins that I have been participating in. This time round I had Christina's beautiful Spirit Doll. Here she is before.And this is her after I had added my bead work.I found the shape of the doll difficult. Don't get me wrong Christina has made a wonderful form but I just didn't know where to start with the beading, no doubt that is just my beading inexperience shining through. Christina said that she likes texture so I added some stone chip beads around the face cab and then used different, sizes and types of beads to create some interest and different textures on the 'tail'.

Even though I am finding these dolls a challenge I am also really enjoying the beadwork. It takes quite a bit of time but when you have finished filling an area and it all comes to life it is very rewarding. I am already in possession of the dolls in the next rounds of both the mermaid and the spirit swap and am looking forward to getting started.


Helen in the UK said...

What a great doll - almost seems a shame to cover that lovely fabric with beadwork! Love the texture you are creating with the stone chips and the contrast between seed and bugle beads :)

Vi said...

I love the beadwork you did on the doll. :-)