Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dartmoor - Standing Stones and Rocky Tors

Are you ready for some more views of Dartmoor? This post is all about rocks and stone.This was the view we had from the very start of our walk, you see the rocky outcrop in the left of the picture? Well after doing a big circle round the moor that's where we will end up later. but first ........... we're heading down this stone lined path our destination is the Shoveldon Longstoneyou can just ignore me. I actually have no idea what I'm up to in this picture! Just generally being a bit of a village idiot I think. Enough fooling around though we still have plenty more to see. Like the Scorhill Stone CircleI have to admit that my pictures from the stone circle were rather hastily taken, at this point we were being chased down by a bunch of marauding teenagers with maps and compasses, so we beat a hasty path up the nearest hill.On the other side of the hill we found a beautiful medieval church, with some equally beautiful grave statues. Reading the blurb in the church it appears that both the church and the majority of the headstones had been made from granite taken straight from the moor. We're coming to the end of our walk now, but look we still have some blue's time to go climb that rocky Tor. It's still a way in the distance but it won't take too long to stride across there.
Here we are at the top. Look at all of the fabulous rock filled viewsIt's starting to get a bit chilly now though, the sun is about to set. Time to go warm up by the fire and have some dinner - I think we deserve a little treat after all this walking, don't you?


Amanda said...

What a wonderful place Dartmoor is, so many beautiful and contrasting places. And weren't you lucky to have such a perfect walking day, there's not been too many of them recently.

Anita said...

It's so wild and beautiful. Thanks for the interesting links. Another place to add to my "want to visit" list.

coral-seas said...

Thanks for talking us on this walk :-)

I could almost feel the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair. I could do with some of that for real.

Teje said...

Hello! Vow what an exiting place you visited! Thank you for wonderful photos!
Thank you also for your visit and lovely comment on my blog!
Sunny wishes from Teje