Thursday, December 09, 2010

Doves, but no peace

I needed to start another project like I need a hole in the head but last Friday night I could not sleep for love nor money so I needed something simple to work on at 3am while watching The Ashes.

So I pulled out this cute little banner kit that came free with a magazine that I'd bought recently. It's just 4 little felt doves with some simple motifs to choose from to add to their cute little tums. The first motif got stitched up in no time (sorry for the dark photo, it was about 4am when this was taken). But then I hit a wall....... .... even though I used the fabric provided in the kit and stitched out the motif exactly as laid out, the thing is too big for the pre-cut circle in the dove. How annoying is that?!

I know it's not a major obstacle to over come, I'll just recut the hole so it's a bit bigger. My annoyance is at the fact that what started out as a (hopefully) quick start and finish in an evening project is now something that I actually have to think about and spend time making adjustments to. Grrrrr.

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Jane said...

How frustrating when kits don't work the way they should. Thinking and sleepless nights don't go well together