Wednesday, September 05, 2007

E is for Predictable

Lol, I had to laugh at Helen's comment on my last post which said the only E she could think of was elephant. Well I had a similar experience and elephant was all that came to mind.

I really enjoyed hand stitching these little fellows, from a pattern in the current issue of Classic Stitches. I worked them over 22 Count Hardanger. I've done a lot of cross stitching in the past as this was my Mum's favourite pastime, but never anything as small as 22 count, I'm not sure my eyes would hold up to doing a large piece on this type of fabric.

Also a bit of creative recycling going on for this card as the background fabric used to be a pair of my favourite trousers (pants) which I recently wore a hole in. I was sad to see them go but being a larger lady at least has some advantages, I now have plenty of this beautiful fabric to use in future projects ;)


Vi said...

I love the elephant and the background fabric looks great!! :-)

Helen in the UK said...

Anglea - glad I gave you a laugh. I seem to remember you did something really obscure for one of the earlier letters, so you kept us all guessing!! Love the elephant - beautifully done :)

Vi said...

Hey Angela..I have name tagged you..check out my blog for details. I hope you don't mind. LOL