Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dorset Steam Rally

We had a wonderful day at the steam rally yesterday. To be honest I didn't realise how big it would be. There was so much to see and do I think you really needed to have stayed a couple of days to do it justice. Most of the photos I took didn't really capture the atmosphere or the scale of the event too well but I have kept a couple to share with you.

Just one of the hundreds of magnificent steam engines on display.

There were dozens of engines roaming around in the heavy haulage ring. This picture gives an idea of how steamy the event really was!

There were many old traditional fair organs to be seen throughout the fair. This one looked spectacular all lit up at dusk just after sunset.

1 comment:

Alis Clair said...

I have wanted a fairground organ and traction engine since I went to my first steam fair at the age of 10.

I have a stack of fairground organ records - and I'm not embarrassed about them ;0)
Think my family are embarrassed though.