Friday, March 09, 2007

Chunky Book swap

I have done some more papercrafting over the last few days. I managed to somehow overlook the fact that I hadn't sent my page for the February round of the chunky book swap over on ANUK, I can be so simple sometimes.
Anyhow a couple of weeks behind schedule here is the page I made. I managed to get the photos totally out of focus and the page is already on it's way to it's new home so no chance of getting anything better, so apologies for the poor quality but it gives you an idea. Here is the front
And this is the back, can you tell I love fairies?

Aside from this page, I have also finished off the final 14 charms that I had left to do for the one inch swap on Surface Design and have also made a good start on sorting through my fabrics looking for things to declutter.

As many of you predicted the whole decluttering thing is much harder than I thought and I know if I manage to sell on some of the fabrics I will find the perfect use for them the day after I don't have them anymore! Still I really think it needs to be done I am just running out of space. I am thinking about starting a new blog for my stuff for sale to see if there is any interest in private sales before going to Ebay, it would be nicer to think that some of my treasured fabrics will be going to friends. I will also have a few books and patterns for sale to start with and other items will come once I have time to sort through everything.

I just found out today that my Dad will need a serious operation next month to remove one of his Kidneys. The doctors have found a cyst and a mass and they think it will be better to remove the whole kidney to try and get all the bad stuff at once. He will be in hospital for a week and off work for at least 7 weeks after that, I will probably be making plenty of trips back and forth to make sure he is ok, which will be another good reason for me to try and get organised now.


Purple Missus said...

Are you sure you like fairies? :))
Make sure you let us all know when you're going to put stuff up for sale, like I do need more stuff - not!!
Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope everything goes O.K. for him.

Anonymous said...

Angela so sorry to hear about your dad.

The fairy piece is wonderful!