Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Before I share the pictures of the blocks that I have been sandwiching ready for my class on Thursday I just want to answer a couple of questions left about the teapot in my last post.

Terri asked how big it it. Yes you are right Terri it is resting on my hand. Not including the felt handle it stands about 4 inches high.

Sue asked what the fabric is formed over. Its a styrofoam ball. I bought a pack of two at my local craft store. I'm not certain what they are used for ordinarily but they make a nice firm circle to stretch your fabric over.

Ok on to my blocks. As I mentioned yesterday I am going to a class on Thursday to try and brush up on my machine skills. We have been asked to take along a few blocks sandwiched and ready to stitch on.I have been raiding my box of blocks and half started projects and picked out a few different themes and designs, also blocks made using various different construction techniques.Hopefully I have given myself enough to play with. I might make up a couple more this evening just to be on the safe side.Some of these blocks I just trimmed down a bit and others I've added borders too and they have all ended up different sizes. I'm thinking that if any of them are particularly successful I might use it to form the first page of a journal just for me. We'll see. Also at least one of them will form part of the FGM quiltlet donation for the Alzheimer project.


Anonymous said...

All the blocks are great but I absolutely love that last one - great colors!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Great blocks for FME'ing on. Hope your class is great.

Unknown said...

I love the tinkerbell one........awesome! melinda

Vi said...

Great blocks and love the teapot..it's adorable!! :-)