Sunday, December 15, 2013


Blogging is a bit sporadic around here at the moment. It's just crazy at this time of year, I'm sure you can all relate. Holiday preparations, catching up with family and friends whilst still working the day job and trying to keep all of the household chores up together equals very little spare time.

After a crazy couple of weeks we'll be off up to Yorkshire to spend the Christmas period. After that I'm hoping that things will calm down a bit and we can settle in to the rhythms of a new year and for me I'm hoping that will mean getting back to some more regular blogging and also being able to keep up with all my favourite blogs again.

For now here are a few snapshots from the last couple of weeks.

My fruit bowl overfloweth.  Have been feeling a bit under the weather so have been trying to eat plenty of fruit and veg to keep the energy levels up.
Loving the fact that at this time of year you don't have to be up too early to witness spectacular sunrises
Sewing in the ends, trying to get the Christmas gift makes finished
Some festive shopping at the Christmas Market in Bath
Out for dinner with my lovely man, my wonderful brother and his gorgeous fiancee ..... buy one get one free cocktails led to a very merry evening
Sunday heaven .... James' homemade bread accompanied by some gorgeous jams purchased at the market in Bath (We also bought some delicious chocolate wine but that will be saved for Christmas)
What ever you have been up to I hope life is treating you well.  Thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland, I really do appreciate you sticking with me :)

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