Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snapshot of the week

Christmas is full of mixed emotions for me.  The joy of celebrating with family and friends is always tinged with some sadness as looming in the background the dawning of 27th December marks another year of being without Mum.

I survived the day in disbelief wondering could it really be 8 years since she passed.   I muddled through the day, no doubt I was poor company and I had to escape to solitude and shed a tear or two when the weight of sadness built up and became overwhelming.  But the day came and went just as days always do.

For some reason I found the anniversary especially hard this year. Have been trying to figure out why and now there have been a couple of days space between then and now I think it may be this.  Apart from a couple of minor blips this year has been the happiest year for me since she left and I wish she was still around to share it with me.

If you pop by regularly (and hearty thanks to you if you do) you'll know that Sunday has become my day to post a weekly round up in pictures.  But this week I'm going to share just one snap from my week, taken during a christmas eve walk in the woods in beautiful Yorkshire with my love. 

We're being a bit goofy, but we're happy, wrapped up warm and blessed with beautiful sunshine, love and lots of laughter.  A perfect microcosm of 2013, here's hoping we can carry this all the way through 2014 too.

Hope your holiday season has been full of love and light and laughter xx

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Kate North said...

Nothing wrong with a little being goofy :) I look forward to seeing how your 2014 progresses - hope it's a happy one for you! (And btw, did you happen to see the mittens that my son Alex got for Christmas? I'm sure you'll appreciate them! About halfway through this post...