Monday, February 27, 2012

Wot no cuddles?

I love my little castle, but sadly I can't have my cats with me here and I do miss them so.  Luckily they are being looked after by a friend for the time being so I still get to visit for cuddles with them every now and then.  Last week when I popped by to say hello, Pip was way too busy sleeping to be bothered with messy business of cuddles.


Miss 376 said...

Oh, how sad, lol. Some can be very picky about when they're going to show some love and affection. What a great friend too, looking after them for you, better than losing them completely

Anita said...

Cats...Can't live without them...can't live without them. And they know it. :) At least it's only a temporary thing and you'll hopefully soon have your pride back with you.

Amanda said...

You must miss them a lot. I know how much I missed two of my cats when they had to go and live with my parents, and the mixed feelings I had as they settled into their new home and started to be my parents' cats rather than mine.