Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glorious Graveyard

On Monday I took myself for a mammoth walk around the Gloucestershire countryside, it was mainly mammoth because I took the wrong direction several times and ended up adding at least an extra hour and half walking time to the planned route, navigation was never my strong point :)  Looking at the maps when I got back I reckon that I did 13 miles in all.

The walk took me down wide open canal ways.....
Through a fascinating ship graveyard

 Here I am playing silly buggers among the old ships (you would have laughed at me lying in the grass setting my camera and then trying to run in to position before the self timer went off!!)

 I went past the lovely, but ruined Severn Railway bridge
 This next one of the bridge tower looking out over the river is probably my favourite shot of the day.

 I walked over railway lines ... that always feels a bit naughty, even when it is a permissive path
 And back out to the banks of the Severn, you might just be able to make out the  Severn road bridge in the far distance.
 I also got to do a lot of wading through mud, down bridleways and through farm land :)  The joys of winter walking.
And finally just before I sign off for all of you out there who share my unhealthy obsession with texture, rust and decay (you know who you are) here are a few more shots from the ship graveyard, hope you enjoy. XX


Unknown said...

Brilliant photos - looks like you had a good time. I always think I should walk further afield than I do. I usually walk round and round Devizes - getting a bit dull now!
Love the work you are doing on Janet's course.

Anita said...

What lovely photos, it looks like it was a wonderful jaunt. 13 miles in any direction from me would just land me in more city, perhaps when the weather improves we'll make a trip up into the mountains for something a bit more scenic.

Clare Wassermann said...

that sounds like a great walk. I went there once years ago. Your bottom photo is magnificent.

coral-seas said...

The walk looks and sounds wonderful. I absolutely love the photgraphs especially the textures in the last and thrid from last.

I'd like to be walking today. Just the right kind of wind for blowing the cobwebs away!

KimP said...

Lovely photos!