Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buttercups in winter

I have a bit of a hiatus from my city and guilds at the moment, it's nice. I'm secretly hoping it might last a couple of weeks longer.  It means I can get back to some hand stitching ..... it's been a while.

Anyone remember this?....
.....The beginnings of a little stitchery I started last summer, based on this picture that I took at a local farm of bisons in the buttercups :)
Unfortunately I managed to bury this among a pile of crap at home and the background I made has become slightly stained with ink in places, I'm hoping that it will mostly be unnoticeable once I'm finished.
Is there anything nicer than cosying up on the sofa on a winters evening, some good tunes playing in the background, getting lost in the rhythm of some simple stitching?

I have 4 days to survive at work and then I'm on a break for 10 days, am so hoping that I find plenty of time in those days to lose myself in stitch for a while.


Jane said...

Oh, that sounds nice, hope you'll have a lovely time

Caren Kristine said...

Buffalo in England!!! So cool.