Thursday, August 25, 2011


Time for another blast from the past post. These pictures were taken on the same weekend as the ones from Bodmin. Looking at them I can't believe how blue the sky was!This is Roche's rock. There are various myths and legends attached to the site and the chapel that was built on top of the rock. You can read about some here.

It's a pretty amazing place to visit and not particularly well know. The few times I've been have always had the place to ourselves.
If you're feeling brave enough you can climb the rusting ladder into the ruined chapel itself.While I'm not exactly afraid of heights I don't particular seek them out either and I have to admit my legs do get a bit wobbly, but on this occasion I did make myself go as far up as you can safely get. This is the view from the top.
Not everyone was as brave as me on this trip. Here I am looking down on Dave who only fancied the trip up the first rusty ladder but didn't want to take on the second :)
Considering the inelegant way I had to cling on to rock and make myself slide back down from this point, he probably made the better choice, lol

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