Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birds Eye View Update

I know it's not quite the end of the month yet, but with lots of things to do this weekend I don't think I will be getting anything else done on Birds Eye View this month. Picture above shows where it was at when I picked it up at the beginning of August and the one below shows where we are as of today.
I manged to get a fair bit done. The cat and bird are outlined and I've made good progress on the top of the bird house. Next time I'm hoping I'll get the bird house finished and maybe get to start on the next cheeky kitty. For September I've decided not to work on Lakeside Farm, even though it is so close to being finished, instead I love Halloween and I have a couple of smaller designs that I want to make up in time for this years celebrations so I'll be working on those instead.

Hope you all have a fabulous fun filled weekend. X


Jane said...

Nice to see the progress you've made, they now have a firm seat to sit on, lol

Vicki said...

Great progress. Looking forward to further installments.

Sarah said...

Looking very nice!!