Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Larking Around in the Lakes

The consequence of not posting a whole lot last month is that I have plenty of catch up posts to do :) Starting with a few dodgy shots from the Lakes (I can't believe it was almost 2 months ago now!)

Of course we were there to partake of some serious walking but there was lots of larking around too ;o) It started with a game of crazy golf while we were waiting to pick up our keys on the first day. I play atrociously and Dave kicked my ass on the golf course!There was also paddling in the waterfall behind the cottage. You can take a look back here - it's been so long you've probably forgotten what I'm talking about. Please try and ignore the red face and the bad hair we'd just spent a day walking so I'm not looking at my glamorous best!We were not the only ones messing around. Take a look at this silly sheep trying to disguise itself behind a single frond of fern. I didn't want to be the one to break the news, but hey Mrs Sheep we can still see you!!Of course Morris the amazing mountaineering moose had to get in one the action too. Here he is working hard to get to the top of Silver Howe.And here he is at the top, partaking in a bottle of beer to celebrate his walking achievement!Speaking of beer I have to confess that we did partake in a few pints ourselves. Here is Dave trying to get away with stealing my pint at the end of our walk up the pikes.Now I'm not really an ale drinker ordinarily but I have grown to like the odd pint here and there. Sadly I haven't quite mastered the art of drinking and remaining lady like yet.Just in case you thought it was all fun and games I thought I'd share a picture of a rather forlorn looking me on the second to last day of the holiday. We were trying to reach the top of Pike o'Blisco and I managed to slip over a couple of times, was generally feeling tired and just had a big loss of confidence which is never good when your walking on rocky terrain. Anyway here I am after having a good cry when I had to admit defeat and realise that I wasn't going to be making it to the top on that day.On that suitably pathetic note I'll say goodbye until next time. X


Vi said...

Looks like alot of fun Angela. :-) And good on you for trying to make it to the top.

Anita said...

Don't worry, you'll get to the top, and partake in many a beer mustache! That sheep made me laugh. :) Thanks for a lovely lark around the lakes.

WendyCarole said...

looks like you had a good time. Nice to see Morris peaking out. Biddle always hides in the rucksack and ventures out for photos when no one else is around!