Thursday, October 05, 2006

More postcards and ATC's

Yippee I have my scanner back, of course it was simple enough to plug in but the slot was hiding between some other cables and I just couldn't see for looking. I must get some simple lessons from Mark on how these things work as I'm useless when he's not around! Anyhow here are the things I was working on at the weekend. First off a set of cards for a Breast Cancer Awareness swap. Of course this theme is something close to my heart after the recent lost of my wonderful Mum so these cards have been made as a tribute to her. I have created them all with different patchwork backgrounds in scraps of pink fabric and then overlayed a heart and a pink ribbon on each.

Here is another ATC made for the artsnthemail swap. Not a very good picture as the 'Imagine' embellishment is too chunky to go under the scanner and by the time I get home from work these days there isn't much daylight left so all my photos with the camera have to be taken with a flash. I think I will try and get a better picture at the weekend when I'm at home during daylight hours!

Finally here is a design I came up with for a swap on BQLPC entitled 'Ancient Cultures' of course having just come back from Greece I had to use that as my inspiration.

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Helen in the UK said...

More great cards :)