Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Also made ....

This weekend I also made 3 sets of postcards another ATC for the artsnthemail swap and made some excellent progress on my beaded tree spirit. I know I haven't mentioned the tree spirit for ages and that class started way back in August, but what with Em and Tyler being here, Dad and his emergency trip to the hospital and of course my holiday the tree just hasn't had a look in, poor thing. Still after some hard work the last couple of evenings he is almost done.

Hopefully I will have pictures of all of these things to add sometime in the next couple of days but Mark was on my PC earlier and has disconnected the scanner and being a total technodufus I can't work out how to get it set back up and Mark is now fast asleep. (Hopefully he will have is PC fixed again soon and then he will stop tinkering with mine, hee hee!)

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Helen in the UK said...

Sounds like you were on a roll this weekend. Tell Mark we need pictures soon ..... please ;)