Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Fun Afternoon

Emily and I have spent a fun afternoon creating today. Apart from helping me out with some cutting and bits for a few of my postcard swaps Em hasn't really done much art or craft. Anyway I think she is really taken as she created several pieces of paper art today!

While she was doing that I made the front cover for a book round robin that I am about to take part in. I'm quite nervous as I haven't done a round robin before and feel quite daunted by the fact that I will be working on something that really belongs to someone else.

I have decided that with my current obsession with mermaids that the theme of my book should be Merfolk. Anything that could be in the sea can be included, mermaids and mermen, sea sprites, nymphs and fairies anything goes. Here is the cover that I have created. The pages are 6" X 6". I used my new push molds to make the face and the netting down the side is made by knitting up a small piece of the wool that I am using to make a shawl to take away on my holiday.


Whats New said...

Oh you have been soo very busy ..this is Aeron by the way. You do such marvelous work..

Unknown said...

hey there angela....I am loving your go girl!