Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cute coos

I think I've mentioned here before that when we have time for a quiet weekend at home Sunday has become my cross stitch day. Well when I say day that is a little bit of an exaggeration, I really mean that I try and grab an hour or two if I can.

If you have been kind enough to have been checking in on me regularly you'll know that my main project at the moment is a Dr Who piece. For reasons that I hope to get round to posting about sometime soon that project is on hold for a while. So in the meantime I've picked up a little something else.
I purchased this little bookmark kit from a charity shop a little while back for the princely sum of £1.  (Sorry about making you twist your head but am having a funny 5 and can't get blogger to do what I want it to right now and get this up the right way!!).

I'm a bit of a terror in that just as I can never stick with one crafty project at a time nor can I seem to read just one book at a time. (Especially at the moment living half the week at mine and half at James' I have to have at least one book on the go at each house).  Anyway multiple books need multiple bookmarks so this will get well used when it's done.
There is still a way to go and stitching time seems to be sparse at the moment but hopefully it'll come together before too long,


Jane said...

Highland Cattle always remind me of childhood holidays, they were the highlight of holidays in Scotland

Veronica Roth said...

Oh I love charity shop! Once I found a cute little pied wagtail needlepoint kit for about that same price! The only trouble was I was too lazy to go buy a ring to stretch the canvas and it turned out a little on the wonky side. Oh well, it made a nice pillow centre feature in the end. :) How are you doing Angela? I hope your part of the country is high and dry. We have one hell of a boggy, swamp garden in OXON and the cat is silently swearing each time he has to go out, but the cottage is safe and dry and warm.