Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crochet Beret

The weeks have been flying by and between feeling tired after long days at work and this heat that we've been treated too (a lovely change from the wet summers we've had for the last few years) there hasn't been too much creating going on at Angelcat Manor recently.

However, back in June while on holidays in Yorkshire I started a new project on the hook and decided to have a go at making a hat, my first attempt at wearable crochet!
I wanted something that could serve as a spring/summer hat so picked a nice light coloured yarn from sirdar white with blue flecks.  It came together reasonably quickly and even though I didn't get a whole lot of crochet time on my hols by the end of the week I'd completed what you can see in the picture above.
A few more hooky hours later and it was done.  I'm reasonably pleased with the way it turned out.  It doesn't quite sit as nicely on my head as it looks on the head of the model in the pattern......but then hey I don't have stylist getting me ready for my photo shoots
I decided to take my hat on a trip to the park the other week and I was very grateful to have it keeping the sun off my head on such a hot day!
All in all I like the hat and think it will be well used over the coming months.  Oh and I had lots of giggles taking these pictures, I went to the park on my own on an afternoon off work so I think I looked very strange to other park goers trying to balance my camera on its little bendy tripod on park benches and then running round the rose garden trying to get into shot before the self timer went off ....... kept me amused even if I did look crazy, being born with no sense of shame has its advantages.


Jane said...

What a lovely pattern. I had to smile at the thought of you getting the photos

Veronica Roth said...

That's a great beret. Chloe bought some sort of knitting machine last year just before Christmas and made everyone touques (a touque is a Canadian type of hat...very practical) I'll send Chloe your link and see if she would like to try out some crochet. :)