Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Play day

On Sunday I had a nice lazy day in front of the TV with my yarn and hook. You might remember back here that I said I want to make some tie-backs for the curtains in my living room.

So I figured it was high time that I got round to playing. I had a bunch of magazines and patterns for inspiration and just sat down and hooked.
The results of my play time ... a whole bunch of flowers, leaves and butterfly shapes.
A while a go I had picked out some wall paper that I wanted to use on a feature wall in the room which was mainly green in pattern, but I found something else recently in the Laura Ashley sale that worked out a while bunch cheaper and I really loved too.  You can see it here.  It has a fair bit of pink in it so I thought I might go with pink butterflies.

By the end of Sunday I thought I had it all worked out.  I'd go with some pink butterflies from a pattern in one of the magazines and some leaves and flowers from these tutorials on Attic24 blog.  All attached to a nice green chord something like this .....
But looking at it again today I'm now not so sure.  I like the flowers and leaves made in that thrift store yarn that I bought a few weeks ago, I think they look nice against the green, but I'm unsure about the pink butterflies.  Or maybe it's the butterflies I like against the green chord and not the leave and flower........ I think I've got that thing, you know when you've been looking at something for so long you can't figure out what's right anymore, lol.  Maybe I need some more playtime.................

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Jane said...

Sometimes leaving it for a few days helps. Just seeing it lying around will sometimes tell us if we like it or not, or what changes to make. More playtime is never a bad thing, lol