Sunday, March 31, 2013

Preparing for a lazy day

The clocks changed last night so we're now in British Summertime and actually the sun is shining out there for a change, though it is still bitterly cold. I had a nice lovely lie in this morning so I'm only just up and functioning, but I'm not planning on doing a lot just settling down for a lovely lazy day.

There will be chocolate consumption a plenty. I showed you the little Easter treat that I put together for James in my post on Friday, this is the lovely chocolateness that I received in return.
Some chocolate romance
And I love the beautiful decoration on the egg, it's going to be a shame to break that up and eat it .... but I'm sure I'll manage.
James is going to make me a nice roast dinner too, so you'll mostly find me snuggled on the sofa watching some TV, catching up on some blog reading and there will be some crochet thrown in there for good measure too.

Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday xx

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the way I am spending my day as well! great minds and all.