Friday, June 22, 2012


I really am turning in to a bad blogger aren't I? I must make the time to get back here more often. I love posting but it's the same old thing  ... time just keeps disappearing and weeks have flown by before I know it. Can hardly believe that we are half way through the year already.

I'm enjoying a few days off work at the moment which is nice. Am off to see my family for a couple of days and when I get back I'm hoping that weather will be dry enough for me to get out for some walking. We've had what seems like nothing but rain these last few weeks. So to encourage the sunshine to make an appearance again I thought I'd post some pictures from a weekend away in Cornwall earlier this year.

Check out all the seals lying on the beach, not a particularly clear shot as I had to have my little camera on maximum zoom which makes images a bit shaky but worth posting nonetheless I thought.


Anonymous said...


Your photos are great - I love the seals!
Hope you have a good weekend.

Sarah said...

Looks like a beautiful sunny day (overcast, wet and cold here at the mo!)