Friday, April 20, 2012

Hole in the head

You know that saying I need more .... like a hole in the head?  Well my fill in the blank words have got to be craft projects but last week found me hanging out at a lovely shop in the town of Cricklade during one of my lunchbreaks and look what came home with me.
I picked up 2 balls of that lovely Noro yarn for making a new scarf.  I know what with the warmer weather that has been upon us recently we're really past scarf weather, but my excuse is I'm on catch up.  Most winters I'll try and make myself a new scarf or hat to add to my collection, but this winter passed me by so I need to make amends.

As for the gorgeous Rowan knit/crochet book well I have no idea how that jumped into my basket ;-)  But I'm glad it did there are some lovely things in it.  Now I just need to finish up some of the things I'm already working on to make room to start on some new projects ;-)


Sarah said...

Ooh lovely yarn! I know what you mean about all those unfinished projects....if only I could finish them all before starting the next one (sound familiar)!

Quilting By Celia said...

Looks like it will be a great looking scarf!