Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walking on water and other such nonsense

I can't quite believe how quickly time is flying by at the moment.  I have such good intentions to blog regularly but somehow there is always so much going on it never seems to happen. 

Since I last popped by to visit you all I've spent a fabulous day in London, I've been working out hard at the gym and have lost 4llbs, I've spent several evenings with good friends new and old - laughing more than I thought could ever be possible, and I've been out in the cold and snow enjoying the beautiful countryside and getting myself some rosy cheeks.

Life is good at the moment, my heart is happy.  Since moving in to my flat things have been really tight for me money wise, but in a way I'm glad, it's teaching me that it feels good to buy only the things you really need and not just spend willy nilly on the things you think you want, it's teaching me to open my eyes and heart to the new adventures that are all around me everyday.  There is no need to go out and travel the world looking for new adventures and new experiences (granted it's fabulous if you can) but all those things can be found on your very own doorstep if only you just look at your world in a different way than you always have, or take the time to get to know some people that wouldn't usually hang out in your circle.

Go on ..... go out and do something new today ... I dare you.  If you're feeling really brave you could try a little walking on water like this little chap I saw in London last weekend.


Vicki W said...

I am so happy for you and that things are going so well.

Sarah said...

I love that feeling of total contentment! Good for you - long may it last!