Friday, September 16, 2011

Witches and Ghosts

I've started my next little cross stitch project - another one with a Halloween theme.  I had three on the list altogether.  Not sure if I will get to number three by the end of the month so that may end up waiting until next year.

Here is progress on number two so far.  It's a biscornu so this little design will now get repeated in each corner.

I wanted to keep roughly to the colour scheme of the original pattern which had purple background fabric.  As I didn't have any purple fabric lying around I took some cream linen I had and coloured it with my Inktense pencils.  I have no idea how colourfast the pencils are on fabric but since this is a project that won't get washed I figured it would be worth a go.  Seems to have worked just fine, only time will tell how much the colour will fade in the future.


Doreen G said...

It's looking good Angela.

Vi said...

Love it...looking forward to seeing it finished. :-)

Anita said...

Fun! I'm all kinds of curious to see it finished.