Friday, March 11, 2011

Recycle and Reuse.

Recently I have been having a really good sort out. I'm trying to take stock and remind myself of everything that I have in the craft room. I'm getting ready for an exciting new stitching adventure...but I'll tell you more about that another time.

I used to swap a LOT of fabric postcards. I have been organising and sorting and have finally managed to get all of the cards I received neatly filed away. I have plans to make a hanging a la Kate to get some of them up on display at some point soon. In the sorting process I came across many spare cards that I made for swaps which for one reason or another didn't get used. I had a search round a couple of yahoo groups and have found a big 18 card swap to join, which will help me reuse and recycle most of this lot.

Some of them are ready to post as is but quite a few need some extra work. Some were from my very early days of swapping and there isn't too much to them so I want to try and make some improvements before they go out in the mail, so there may be some before and after posts in the coming weeks. BUT I'm feeling really good about the fact that they will get used. I love being able to reuse and recycle.

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Vicki W said...

I have 2 big boxes of postcards and I really should display some of them!