Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Don't pass out but look 2 stitch related posts in just a few days, I know I can't quite believe it myself either.
The border has now been added to the hexagons pillow. I've never worked with a larger hexagon piece and wasn't sure the best way to add a border but rather than go off and do some research, I'm so impatient, I just dived right in.

There are a few dodgy bits and lots of room for improvement but it'll do. Now I just have to add a back. I've seen in a couple of magazines recently the idea of using an old shirt to do a back using the buttons as a fastener rather than having to put in a zip and I fancy trying that out so as soon as I can hunt out an old shirt I'll get this one done.


Jane said...

That will make for a really interesting cushion. Hope you find the right one

Vicki W said...

You are on a roll! This one will be a very pretty pillow.