Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back to my self challenges

Yesterday evening I had enough energy to make it round the block for my walk a day self challenge. Sadly the challenge had fallen by the wayside this last week due to this nasty virus but there was not a thing I could do about that. My little compact camera isn't great for taking night time photos so this is my best offering, I'm afraid. DH is out as we speak with his camera, I was tempted to join him for a walk in the daylight but he will go miles and I'm not quite over the virus so I didn't want to tag along and then hold him back so I'll probably settle for another trot round the block this evening.

My creative offering for yesterday are these sketches. I had hoped to make some postcards but somehow I just couldn't get motivated to sit at my sewing machine so out came pencil and paper instead. I haven't done any drawing for a while so my sketching skills aren't up to much.
This is my littlest cat Pip curled up asleep on a cushion.

I had just started this one of Hugo who was dozing on the back of the sofa when he decided to wake up and shift positions and never did go back to this pose. I guess I'll have to learn to sketch more quickly! (By the way these are done in a notebook which has two tone paper hence the distracting lines in the middle of each drawing).

After sitting around for most of the day doing not a lot yesterday I've decided I need something which will help me stop procrastinating. I'm going to try a simple list to see if that helps. So there are my goals for the week (I'll set my self some new ones next Sunday).

  • Pick some fabrics, threads etc to use in the January Take it Further Challenge.
  • Settle on a final idea for my JTIF piece and plan it out.
  • Make 6 more orange postcards to complete my commitment in the favourite colour swap.
  • Make 3 postcards for the Something Beginning with I swap
  • Make a start on my January Bag for the BQL 2008 bag challenge.

There that should be plenty to keep me going for a week, I'd best get started ......


Donna said...

hope that virus moves out quickly and you find energy for more creative pursuits...

Helen in the UK said...

Hope you are soon feeling much better. I've just finished the BQL bag and it goes together really easily (except for a little fiddle on the handle top which is mentioned in the instructions!). Look forward to seeing how you get on with your goals this week :)

Cathie said...

I would say that is a pretty formidable list for the week. I too am a member of the TIF challenge and just managed to pick some fabrics out Saturday. I posted them to my blog -- as now I'm stumped as to what to do with them!!! Look forward to seeing MORE of you!