Sunday, July 29, 2007

My weekend

Well no sooner did I boast of DH's IT skills than my computer decided to pack in again, lol!

I thought I'd sneak onto his computer and do a quick post while he is still in dreamland. We were supposed to be camping this weekend but when we got to the campsite that we had planned on it was completely washed out as wee several others in the area that we tried, so we decided to spend just the day and drove home again.

As we'd both booked a couple of days off work we decided it would be a waste to sit around and do nothing so we have finally made a start on sorting out our garden. probably two summers ago we ripped up the existing patio and covered the grass with the intention of making a larger patio area and putting down some pebbles to make it low maintenance (the garden is so small anyway it was a pain dragging out a mower for such a small job each time), well since then it's been languishing away and we didn't get any further forward.

Yesterday we tackled the mammoth job of getting the jungle cleared, I have aches and pains all over today to prove it, today we will hopefully be going to buy all the things we need to install a new deck.

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Vi said...

Sounds like hard work. :-) Would love to see some pics when it's done.