Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Something Beginning with B

Yuck I am full of the lurgy again. It seems that I have managed to pick up another cold. It feels like I only just managed to get rid of the last one but I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes.

It seems typical though as after a few days without my machine I managed to get out of creative mode and just as I was starting to pick up again this bug comes and catches up with me. Hopefully it won't hang around for too long.

The last few evenings have been spent making cards for the Something Beginning with B swap on Artsnthemail. First off I want to thank everyone that left such great suggestions for me after I did the A card. There were so many great ideas to choose from that it took me a while to mull all the ideas over. In the end though in honour of my sister's announcement that she is to be married next year I decided to go with B is for Bride.I haven't been able to get a great scan because of the button embellishment and the evenings aren't light enough for me to use my camera yet but you get the idea. I've used a cream Satin for the background and some stamped images. Finishing off by adding some net under the dress image and a button embellishment. These are definately going out in clear envelopes as they are so light I've no doubt that if I sent them nude they wouldn't make it to there destinations looking as bright and white!


Anonymous said...

Cool card!

Helen in the UK said...

Great tribute to your sister's announcement. Hope you're feeling better soon :)