Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Space

Being back at work after a couple of weeks off pleasing myself and doing my own thing is hard. But when the going gets tough - which is usually when I run out of energy at about 3pm - Among other places I dream of being here.My little sun lit corner on the sofa, curled up with my stitching.

Where do your dreams take you?


Anita said...

My cozy bed with a kitty on one side and wupper on the other. :D

Jane said...

Looks a bit like my little corner. Trouble is, once I get up, a cat sits in it!

ParisMaddy said...

Paris, dreams always take me to Paris.

Are you working on a needlepoinnt stitching?

Hope your first day back to work wasn't too bad. It's always hard after a few weeks off to settle back into the routine, eh?

Anonymous said...

It's my couch by the window. Trouble is, once I settle, I don't want to get up!