Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cotswold Countryside

As promised in my Hailes Abbey post it's time to share some pictures from a 6 mile walk that I took through the countryside around the Abbey. I was blessed with a beautiful day and the walk took me through beautiful fields and charming Cotswold villages.
The starting point for my walk was this lovely little Church at Hailes, from this point I struck out along some quiet country lanes where this ivy covered letter box caught my eye.
The notice says that there are regular collections from this box, but the ivy seems to indicate otherwise, lol.
It wasn't long before I left the lanes and was striding through the beautiful cotswold countryside, where I met a wonderful local man out walking his dog. He asked me all about where my walk was taking me and told me about his recent walking holiday with his daughter, its nice that you can still find places where people will stop and share the time of day with you.

Leaving the fields I walked through the lovely little village of Didbrook, I just loved this gate which formed the entrance to St George's church.

And this wonderful door within a door with it's beautiful faded patina and metal lock.
Through the village it was back to the fields to join part of the Cotswold way footpath, climbing up the hill was hard work but worth it for the views over the countryside.
Look at this wonderful scene is there anything which says English countryside more?
Walking in the countryside can be pretty hazardous though, I had to battle my way past this beast, the guardian of the gate, in order to finish my journey. :)
And of course I can't tell you about a walk without sharing a now obligatory picture of my feet. :)


Ginnie said...

What lovely photos, I love the Cotswolds and love old churches too.

KimP said...

Beautiful countryside, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing these. The Cotswolds have to be one of the loveliest places in England.

Anonymous said...

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