Monday, June 09, 2008

Silent Vigil begins

You can probably already guess from the lack of blog postings this week that there has been a serious lack of creativity going on at Angelcat Manor. I'm working on a new project at work which requires a lot of computer time and is really leaving me tired at the end of the day and over the weekend we had such great weather that I had to get out and tidy the garden.

Consequently the only thing that got done on my To Do List this week was that I started work on the cross stitch. I know a lot of people poo poo cross stitch and tapestry or any type of kit as not being too creative but when you don't have much time it's easy to pick up and add a few stitches too.

This one is not going to be quite so easy to chart the progress of as there is no gathering of kitties, lol. So here are before and after pictures of last weeks progress.
I've finished the planet to the left of the Tiger and added some stars to the background too. I'm starting to think that finishing Mum's projects is not always going to be straight forward.
  • For starters I'm convinced that there must be part of the pattern pack missing, there is quite a lot of back stitching on the pattern but no indication as to colours on the key on the chart so I'm making it up based on the colour picture on the front of the kit.
  • Also I'm really concerned that there are a few colours which will run out before I've finished the required stitching with them. This kit is called Silent Vigil and it's by Dimensions. They haven't given any colour reference numbers for any of the common brand floss just their own colour descriptions so I may have to try some blind colour matching.
  • In this particular kit Mum seems to have used some poetic licence. There are no beads listed on the kit contents and no mention of them on the pattern. In fact the stars appear to be some sort of french knot (again they are not listed on the part of the chart that I have so again this leads me to believe I have something missing). Anyway for whatever reason Mum seems to have decided to add some beads. Actually I think they look pretty good, they add some extra texture and interest, and I've never combined cross stitch and beading before so it makes things a bit more interesting for me.

As for my To Do list well I completed two things which were to finish the kitty cross stitch and start on this one, everything else rolls over to this coming week with the addition of

  • Start on mermaid project
  • Continue with cross stitch

I've also decided that as the reason I keep going back to the cross stitch is that it is in handy kit form that I will this evening try and gather, as far as I can, the things on my to do list into little kits ready to be picked up and worked on at anytime, hopefully this will encourage me to do something different.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Sounds like a wonderful strategy to me.... I did that when I worked full time and it meant I always had something I could do. The small amounts of time soon build up too.... which is most pleasing. Hope it works for you.

Quilt Pixie said...

Setting stuff up into workable kit form makes a lot of sense. Hope it helps when you're tired to have everything at hand :-)